Security Assessments

Is Your

Find out now with Loki Labs security assessments. Assessments are personalized and feature a variety of tests including penetration tests and red teaming, conducted by world-class cyber operators.

We’ll work with you to find vulnerabilities before others can, whether that means finding weaknesses in your network or meeting regulatory compliance. After the assessment, we provide full reports and offer comprehensive training.


Receive comprehensive reporting with guidelines and recommendations for fixing identified vulnerabilities


Work with our cybersecurity experts to resolve vulnerabilities for good


Detect threats and prepare your team by learning first-hand from Loki Labs training staff

The Process

How it Works

We begin the process like an attacker would: knowing nothing about a network in a “black box” scenario. Next, we utilize open-source research to discover your organization’s digital footprint to obtain access into your network. Once inside, we maneuver like an aggressor in order to identify weak points and vulnerabilities from within.

Are you ready to put your network to the test?

Choose an Assessment

Internal Assessments

Analysts audit systems from attack surfaces to provide actionable items that improve your defensive posture. Security engineers also perform a security architecture review, analyzing your network topology, security products and policies to identify gaps against industry standards.

Personnel Assesments

For Security Staff

Loki Labs provides assessments and surveys to the members of your IT and/or security teams. As a result, you receive a workforce assessment of your staff with an emphasis on individual roles and responsibilities.

For Business Staff

Simulate social engineering attacks to evaluate user responses to malicious activity. This replication of real-world threat actors determines how vulnerable your staff is to methods such as phishing, spear-phishing, baiting and pretexting.

Policy & Compliance

Get a comprehensive review of your policies and security posture. We’ll evaluate your security procedural documents, existing compliance policy and technology to identify potential risks.

Physical Assessments

Take added precautions by assessing your physical office location. Loki staff will attempt to gain access to buildings, parking lots, secure areas and more to test your technology as well as employee reaction. On-premise assessments help improve overall security posture by building a more complete picture of your organization’s networks, systems and staff.

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