Emergency Incident


Any network can be breached with enough time and resources. When it happens, you need a team that can respond immediately and successfully. We help stop a range of incidents including data breaches, unauthorized access, malware infections and more. Our team of cyber experts work with you to gather information about the incident, understand the problem and solve it as fast and thoroughly as possible.

Our Approach

We leverage a data-driven approach to ensure that we understand the incident, and deliver
long term solutions to make a lasting impact. Learn more about our process below.


The Loki Labs Security Team will bring state of the art tools to determine what systems are infected and develop an initial classification of the incident.


During the containment phase, The Loki Labs Security Team will triage, isolate, and notify of you of each system identified with malware.


The Loki Labs Security Team will determine the priority, scope, and root cause of the intrusion.


Remediation is the post-incident repair of all infected systems. The Loki Labs Security Team will provide a full report of affected systems and a plan for remediating each system.


Get Started

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