Range as a Service

 Create simulated network environments to educate tomorrow’s cybersecurity experts

 Our Range is an immersive, simulated network environment that allows students the freedom to learn by conducting their labs in a controlled sandbox.

Access to virtual labs makes courses more exciting and provides the hands-on experience that turns novices into experts. The result? Students stay engaged and are better equipped to successfully battle real-world threats.



No Software Restrictions

Users can deploy any type of software: malware, hunt tools, red team tools, etc. RaaS is your playground.

Customizable & Reusable

Instructors have full control over the lab content and the students can choose when it is deployed and when they use it.

Global Access

Access is available 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Our team of network infrastructure and cyber-security experts have decades of experience building and maintaining custom range solutions

We also develop complete information security courses including the labs, content, grading, etc.

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