Family Office Cybersecurity Services

Managed Security Services Tailored to the Unique Requirements of Family Offices

Managed Security Services Tailored to the Unique Requirements of Family Offices

Many families turn to Family Offices as a way to meet their needs, to provide greater control over their wealth and to handle their affairs. Family Offices, while discrete, manage and possess significant wealth. As a result, they are increasingly targeted by cyber criminals who view them as lucrative and relatively easy targets for business email compromise, account takeover, ransomware, and other forms of ​cyber attacks.

At Loki Labs we understand the needs of small family offices with an ever growing complexity of compliance requirements and the ever present need to maintain a good security posture. We developed a cybersecurity plan catering to those unique needs so that your office can focus on the business.



Support is provided around the clock and through the entire attack lifecycle: from initial detection to incident response and containment. 24×7 monitoring and response of family office computer systems focuses on identifying and destroying threats before they cause damage and loss.

Monthly Reports

Customized monthly security reports provide an overview of cyber threat profiles and any actions taken to defend computer systems. In the event of an attack, an assessment is provided which includes an analysis of the threat, systems affected, any data that may be compromised, and recommendations on how to improve security posture.

Simple & Complete

A technological review of current IT security systems is provided with recommendations and assistance performing improvements. The solution provides a layered defense-in-depth model by supporting multiple layers of security controls and utilizing a variety of network and host-based tools to protect sensitive information.


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24x7 Traffic Monitoring
Loki Labs has visibility of network traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our engineers detect and analyze security alerts, providing endpoint and network security around the clock. We use LokiSOC, a full end-to-end SIEM that utilizes machine learning and in-house developed applications to drive automated detection and alerting over all types of data. It unifies network and security data, allowing for event correlation and a single interface for reporting threats.
Threat Intelligence Research
Loki Labs delivers ongoing improvements through our threat intelligence research program that provides insights into attacker goals, targets, and tactics. Our HUNT Operators gather actionable intelligence through digital forensics, malware analysis, and reverse engineering which allows us to quickly detect indicators of compromise and prosecute and remediate threats.
Network Architecture
Loki Labs performs a high level review of your network topology, security products, and policies. We create a map of all defensive capabilities and benchmark the security architecture against industry standards in order to identify gaps in the cyber kill chain and ensure your network is adhering to industry compliance regulations. Our security architect engineers look at your network with you to understand what critical business functions are supported by the systems in your network and ensure there is maximum coverage over them.
Security Administration
This service is available to small organizations that don’t have the internal IT staff available to manage key systems, devices, and networks. Loki Labs will assist with the setup, and management of firewalls, routers, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), wireless access control, network ports, account control, system hardening, etc.
Complete Incident Response
We don’t just respond to attacks; Loki Labs is there for every step of the incident handling and remediation process. First we work with you to plan and develop tailored response plans focused on protection of critical assets and holistic remediation. Then our IR team identifies, contains, and eradicates threats when necessary. Lastly, our HUNT Operators assist with recovery and improvement through the Loki threat intelligence research program.
Network Data Collection
We identify data feeds from all appliances (servers, firewalls, IDS, 3rd party items, etc.) then continue to collect, manage, and analyze logs. Network data (logs, packet captures, netflow, etc.) is stored and available for investigating and analyzing issues for an allotted time, based on your needs and budget.
Vulnerability Management
Our security analysts conduct vulnerability scans to let you know what systems have potential exposures or exploit opportunities. We utilize a remote security scanning tool to scour systems, looking for weaknesses that may leave a hole in your defenses then check system configurations for compliance with policy, identify sensitive data in the wrong places, and audit existing anti-virus systems to make sure they are operating as intended. Our vulnerability management helps to implement security best practices based upon NIST 800.53 and CIS Top 20 security controls for threat mitigation. We take extreme care not to crash or render a system inoperable.
Security Assessments
Our cyber risk assessments are performed by world-class cyber operators in the form of real-world engagements. Loki Labs performs different types of assessments, depending on the organization’s needs. Whether the focus is to find weaknesses in a network or prove regulatory compliance, we can help. After the assessment, we provide full reports, fix vulnerabilities, and offer training.
Targeted Threat Hunting
We augment your existing staff with top-tier security professionals that proactively detect unauthorized network activity and engage aggressors to stop and mitigate attacks. Our hunters live within your network, searching and responding to adversary actions to provide the ultimate protection against today’s most sophisticated cyber threats.
Endpoint Security
Endpoint Detection and Response technology (EDR) provides powerful counter-APT capabilities by going beyond the signature-based detection of typical anti-virus solutions. Using behavioral analytics, an EDR platform pro-actively hunts for malware such as viruses, spyware, ransomware, worms, trojans, and other malicious programming by recognizing hostile or suspicious activity. Loki Labs deploys EDR agents to all nodes (clients and servers) in order to provide visibility into your network. Our security analysts then perform detection and analysis techniques to evaluate telemetry returned from these endpoints in order to identify adversary presence and compromised assets.
Product Consulting
Loki Labs provides configuration and integration support for the third party devices and systems that make up the rest of your network (firewalls, AV, IDS/IPS, etc.) in order to optimize their performance and ensure they continue to work properly. Our experts can help you determine how to best place security appliances and sensors to maximize their value and detection abilities. We work with many vendors and partners to help you sort through the menagerie of security products out there. Our team stays abreast of current security products in order to help you find the right solutions.
CISO On Demand
Our CISO advisory services are a great choice for organizations that need the expertise and leadership a Chief Information Security Officer would provide but either don’t have the budget for someone full-time or they need temporary assistance while hiring someone new. We can assist with items such as strategy and organization planning, new staff interviews and selection, policies, data loss prevention plans, and more. Ongoing security awareness trainings are also available and help to educate employees on how and why to avoid common mistakes that could leave you more vulnerable.

Why Loki Labs


Tailored to Your Needs

Our managed service is an extremely customizable solution that scales to both company size and budget. The SOC deployment is highly adaptive to existing network security systems or can be used to build out a completely new security solution.

Highly Trained Personnel

Our security engineers are best-in-class cybersecurity experts out of the U.S. national security and defense community with a variety of specialties including malware analysis, penetration testing, incident response, and threat hunting.

Cutting Edge

We implement technology beyond typical anti-virus systems that provides continuous monitoring, threat analytics, and behavior-based anomaly detection to enable advanced malware and data loss protection. We merge these solutions with the ability for a live human investigator to respond and accelerate defensive actions in order to outpace adversary activity.
“As we searched for the best solutions to combat the growing complexity of cyberattacks, we found a market saturated with single dimension products and services that were costly and inconvenient. Loki Labs was able to deliver a blended, customized solution that filled the gaps on our team without exhausting our budget. Their approach allowed for effortless integration with our network and provides us with an advanced level of threat protection. They do what they say they’re going to do, and we have been extremely satisfied with their service.” Brian Haugli

Chief Information Security Officer, The Hanover Insurance Group