Emergency Incident Response

Given enough time and resources, any network can be breached

We can help with a range of incidents including data breaches, unauthorized access, malware infection, and more. Loki Labs will work with you to gather information about the incident, understand the problem, and solve it as fast and thoroughly as possible.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Unfortunately, lacking a time machine, some of the aftermath of an incident can’t be completely fixed once the damage is done. In these cases, we will work with you to contain the problem and assist in taking the appropriate steps to stop it from happening again.

Our Approach

  • Gain situational awareness and identify critical assets
  • Implement converged architecture solutions that simplify the enterprise
  • Establish a defendable architecture with a focus on simplicity
  • Implement an intelligence driven security model to prioritize efforts
  • Conduct regular security auditing and threat assessment activities
  • Implement proactive solutions that disrupt attackers early in the kill chain
  • Enforce and foster end-user training across the enterprise
  • Implement a data loss prevention plan