About Us

What We Do

Our mission is to make military-grade cybersecurity solutions accessible to small and medium sized organizations that may otherwise have difficulty finding effective, comprehensive solutions that are also affordable. We utilize unique tools and experience in order to provide expertise in vulnerability identification, threat reporting and response, fraud detection, compliance, and risk mitigation to both government and commercial entities.

Why Loki Labs?

Our Background

Founded by former members of the US Intelligence Community and Department of Defense, our security engineers previously held elite, highly specialized roles working in support of offensive and defensive cybersecurity efforts. As a result, we possess unique training, experience, capabilities, and insight of the tools and tactics used by adversaries to gain access to targets of interest.

Leadership Team / Executive Team

Nick Hnatiw

Cofounder & CEO

Nick is a published vulnerability researcher and reverse engineer with over a decade of experience conducting cybersecurity research and malware reverse engineering in support of US Intelligence and Department of Defense (DoD) efforts. Nick has served in technical director roles in support of the National Security Agency (NSA) and US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM). His technical expertise includes reverse engineering, software development, and vulnerability research.

Matthew “Mac” McKechnie

Chief Technology Officer

Mac is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and brings a decade of experience spanning a wide range of information assurance and information system policies, procedures, concepts, theories, and practices. As a former technical director and senior operator supporting NSA computer network exploitation projects, Mac serves as Loki’s operational lead for all red/blue teaming and vulnerability assessments. Mac has also served as lead instructor and course content author for multiple DoD and US intelligence custom courses on defensive and offensive cyber security. Where he was also responsible for creating and maintaining complex range infrastructure used for class instruction. At Loki Labs, Mac serves as the Chief Architect of our security and corporate infrastructure. His expertise with past offensive cyber operations has driven him to lead the development of our Avalon (SIEM) platform in order to bring advanced cybersecurity solutions to all.

Dr. Alberto De La Rosa Algarin

Chief Scientist

Alberto serves as the Chief Scientist responsible for leading Loki’s research and development efforts in support of our federal customers in the cybersecurity research domain through platform development, graph analytics, and database security. In this role, he also leads business development efforts with private industry and federal customers. Alberto has a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Connecticut.

Vincent “Vinny” Buccigrossi

Chief Engineer

Vinny is the Chief Engineer behind our vulnerability research and development efforts supporting our SOCaaS platform development, endpoint agent integration, and provides expertise in reverse engineering, malware analysis, vulnerability research, penetration testing, and tool/capability software development. Vinny has expertise conducting vulnerability research and development expertise to customers across the DOD and IC.